Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nature's Entertainment

I can never get enough of nature’s entertainment. Just looking out my patio door brings joy to my soul! We have a tiny squirrel among all the other larger squirrels that has recently come to lodge somewhere nearby. This little creature speeds along the branches, flying from one tree to the next faster than any other I’ve ever seen. He appears—as he’s whizzing by—to look exactly like our larger brown squirrels—only smaller, a lot smaller—but he never stops long enough for me to be sure he doesn’t belong to some other squirrel group.

I did, however, note as I saw him scampering along the garage roof that he does not have a chipmunk stripe on his side. I’ve looked at photos online and am pretty sure he’s not a chipmunk, gopher, tree mouse or prairie dog. He might be a chickaree a.k.a. a red squirrel. But where did he come from? He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure and more fun than a barrel of monkeys (though I must admit, I’ve never actually seen a barrel of monkeys).