Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vintage Cotton & Feedsack Pinwheel Quilt!

This quilt top was a wonderful find at our annual neighborhood yard sale a few summers ago. The smell of moth balls was so strong I didn't even want to touch this piece but I could see, when the owner held it up, that it had been lovingly hand stitched a long time ago.

"How much?" I asked.

"Oh, 5 bucks I guess; it's not worth anything really."

"Can you put it in a bag for me?" For 5 bucks I could stand to clean the quilt top but I still didn't want to have to smell it while I shopped the rest of the neighborhood sales.

Once cleaned, the fabrics—as I suspected—were pristine and lovely. Once again I reminded myself, don't judge a quilt by it's odor. Get it home, give it a good soaking and it'll be good to go! Even if it's only a partial quilt top, you can always make pillows or purses or other wonderful quilted projects from it.

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