Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fairy Stories for Pink Saturday!

I think you all know how much I love books! Well, here is the cover of my very first book—at least the first book I remember "reading" over and over again! Such a beautiful illustration!

* * *

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  1. Oh! I LOVE this! If I had it, I'm sure it would be my favorite, too! My favorite style of illustration--my mom's, too! Thanks for sharing this, Coralie!

    Hope your weekend is just wonderful!


  2. Oh, this looks like a wonderful book! No wonder you loved it! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  3. Sweet memories, beautiful ilustration!

  4. I finally got over here to meet you. I have seen your comments on Sissies blog and I've always wanted to step over into your world.
    I am Jacqueline (the girl with the curl) from Once Upon a Fairyland which was my childhood home. I posted today on Storybook Homes. You might like to visit if you have time.
    I'll be back to you.
    Blessings from Washington.

  5. What a gorgeous cover - I bet it took your to wonderful places as a child! I so love all your vintage pictures Coralie!
    God Bless!
    Jen xo

  6. It is a lovely post for Pink Saturday. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. That book cover looks lovely.

    I remember having a Cinderella story book and she wore a similar style dress to that one on there and that is why I had the wedding gown I wore with the little bows on it.

    Sorry I haven't been over here lately I have just been so busy even though I have been on holiday. I've been doing stuff for wedding stationery, researching my family tree, chores around the garden etc etc.

  8. oh my word I love this picture! Happy Pink Saturday! Grace xoxoxo

  9. What a beautiful cover, and I bet the inside is just full of great illustrations! How nice that you still have it. I would love to see how you display all of your books. Can we have a peek sometime?
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  10. Beautiful! I love vintage books so much! They have the best illustrations! Love this cover- anything with vintage fairies is a favorite for me!

  11. Hello Coralie, your book is just darling. I know you love anything vintage. Me too. Enjoy your book.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. I can see why you love the illustration so much :-)

  13. I still have my first book.....45 years later. It is a treasured keepsake. Thank you for sharing.