Monday, November 29, 2010

Skating on Blue Ice!

Oh, to go sailing along on beautiful Blue Monday!

* * *

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Happy Blue Monday Everyone!


  1. nice photo. i never was skating on ice.

  2. Blue ice skating sound so beautiful......

    Have a wonderful week ahead Coralie. xxx

  3. Love the vintage blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, Coralie!

  4. what a fantastic little card.
    That reminds me of my christmas- favourite movie
    "The bishops wife"
    There is this great skating scene with Gary Grant

  5. Good Morning, Coralie! I love your Christmas banner! Thank you for the great images you're sharing. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  6. Love the blue postcard. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. great card. don't those skates look a little precarious!

  8. What a great vintage ad! Love it!

  9. I enjoy most anything vintage, especially cards. This one is great for blue day.

  10. I LOVE this image. So beautiful. Brings back lovely childhood memories.

  11. Howdy Coralie
    Oh my your Blue post is simply wonderful !
    I love it as well as your header :)
    I am sorry to drop by so late in the week .
    My Mom has been ill and than there is work,family etc....
    before I knew it another week was speeding past me.
    Thank you so much for bringing joy to blogland this week .
    May you and all yours have a wonderful December filled with many special moments that live on in your hearts .
    Take care sweet lady .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  12. Such a pretty blue post. I love this vintage photo. Anne