Friday, December 11, 2009

Candy Canes for Pink Saturday!

Using a recipe that has been handed down from one generation to another, the Spangler family of Bryan, Ohio has been making Candy Canes since 1906! Hundred of millions of the Spanglers' candy canes have been, and continue to be, shared and enjoyed around the world. They have even put together a brief history of the candy cane!

History of Candy Canes

The candy cane can be traced back to Germany in 1670.
Legend has it that the choirmaster at the Cologne
Cathedral handed out sugar sticks bent into the shape of
shepherds' staffs to keep his young singers quiet during
long services. In the mid-1800's, August Imgard of
Wooster, Ohio, began using candy canes as tree
decorations. Candy canes took on their familiar stripes
around the turn of the twentieth century. Today, people
enjoy candy canes as both ornaments and candy.

* * *

Candy Canes have long been one of my favorite holiday decorations! I love them especially because they remind my vintage-loving heart of an old-fashioned Christmas from times past!
I love them because they can be arranged beautifully as decorations for our holiday trees and then can just as easily be snatched away by a hungry little hand looking forward to a sugary sweet peppermint-flavored treat! I love them because they enhance the true meaning of Christmas with their once-a-year beauty—a lovely gift to the eye, the taste, and to the heart!

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  1. Dear Coralie,

    I always love it when you visit. I can feel the warmth of your sincerity and your loving spirit.

    I love the story of the Candy Cane. I just recently shared it with our little g-daughter, Miss K.

    Isn't God good to us? your recipes. In addition, seeing the pics of your beautiful Shelties sure makes me miss our little sweetie, Miss Haleigh. Our Miss Mollie (our Yorkie) is precious but no where nearly as calm as our Hal. We miss her.

    Thank you again for visiting.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. That is such a sweet post. I am making candy cane cookies this weekend. Everyone sends hugs to Bonnie and the gang!

  3. The sweetest post! I always enjoy stopping by..feels so warm and inviting.. Hugs Grace

  4. It allways seemed to me, that the candy- cane is a very american christmas- sweet.
    We don´t have that here in Germany.
    So you can imagine my surprise, when I wrote it has its origins here in Germany.
    Whereever it may come from, and how ever it may taste ( I have no idea) I think it looks absolutly lovely.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Of cause I didn´t wrote but read.
    (stupid mistake)

  6. Dear Coralie...such a sweet post!!!
    Hugs Luna

  7. Hi Sweet Coralie,

    Love this post and do you know that I ate so much candy cane bark today that I've made myself sick! lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Happy Friday Coralie :) what a sweet post! Thank you for your lovely and sweet comment on my page. Have a delightful weekend =D

  9. Don't candy canes just make you happy? I picked up one of my boys from school today & he was happily munching on one. I love Christmas!

  10. I love candy canes on the tree! They sparkle and shine and hang 'just so!"

  11. Hi sweet Coralie,
    I love candy canes, on the tree, to pound down and add to bark to make peppermint bark..yummmmmmm, and I think they're really pretty.p.s. going to find some more peppermint bark now..:).

  12. Have always loved candy canes on a eat as a treat, in fudge, in hot chocolate...oh...don't get me started! Loved your post today Coralie.

  13. As always, really neat graphics, Coralie! Hugz~

  14. please pick up your Circle Of Friends award Thank you for being my friend

  15. Coralie....again you amaze me!

    Most wonderful post! Happy PS!!


  16. Hi Coralie, Thanks for sharing the Candy Cane Story. I love to see other people use them as decorations, but we have a bad boy Boston Terror who loves those things and he wrecks havoc with our tree when he spots one! Hugs, Mollye

  17. Hello Coralie,
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and making such a sweet comment.
    I love your post too. It just wouldn't be Christmas without candy canes.
    Pardon me while I go snoop around your blog and sign up to follow you and get to know you better.

  18. Really a nice showing and history of the candy cane. Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday season.

  19. Love your post - so interesting and nostalgic to go back to beginings - Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. I have been enjoying my share of candy canes this year. I ate 2 just last night. Thanks for sharing the story of what they represent. Pink Blessings!

  21. I love the history of the candy cane. I hadn't heard any of that before. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  22. Hello, Coralie,
    I love to decorate with candy canes, too. They are the final touch to my tree every year. They just say "Christmas" to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful vintage images, dear friend, and have a Happy Pink Saturday and blessed weekend! Vicki

  23. I love the story of candy canes, Coralie! I agree too they are just quintessentially representative of Christmas! Happy PS! Suzie

  24. The candy cane legend is lovely. Thanks for sharing it. We always put a few candy canes on our Christmas tree. Usually it is real ones, but this year I found some pretty plastic ones at our local Dollar Tree store. They are great for crafts, too. Have a happy weekend.

  25. Hi, Coralie! I agree with you about candy canes. I love to use them in decorating! They are a fun thing to use. Have you seen the story of the candy cane with the symbolism being referred back to the Lord??? I read it years ago, and it touched my heart. I wish I could remember it, but I'm a little foggy. Maybe I'll go look it up. If I find it, I'll come back and share with you later.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

  26. I've heard this story before but thanks for the reminder. I decorate with candy canes every year!

    I've decided to start leaving comments on my favorite blogs in the morning (well, my morning) instead of waiting until night when I should be in bed. That way I'll be around more to see everyones beauty!

    So now I'm off to take a look at the things I've missed!


  27. Hi Coralie,
    What a lovely post for Pink Saturday! There are many stories or legends about the candy cane and they are all wonderful to tell. I especially like the one that refers to the Lord. I agree with you that they are wonderful to see at Christmastime. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

    Christmas blessings,

  28. I love candy canes too....happy pink saturday...and God bless you

  29. I love candy canes, too. That story of their origin is great - I've spent many an hour in the Cologne cathedral myself!