Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D is for Dream-like Scene!

This DREAM-LIKE SCENE is entitled "Morning in the Sierras" by Jean Jacques Pfister.

Another page from the 1930's art scrapbook from the hand of a young lady long ago!

Enjoy and have a wonderful Alphabet Thursday THANKSGIVING!

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  1. Definitely a dream scene. Fabulous.

  2. I wonder if that is all from her head or was she there. It's beautiful! {:-Deb

  3. Wonderful colors in this one. I've stood at similar vistas and been dazzled by the majesty of it.

  4. I love all the layers of color in this paiting!

  5. Really like that vintage painting. I wish we had mountains up here in the Northwoods!

  6. Wow. That is such a delicious picture...those colors just shine...even after all these years!

    I can see you in my minds eye sipping tea and turning each page of that treasure book carefully.

    What a delightful post for the letter D.

    Thank you for sharing it.