Friday, January 27, 2012

A Wreath for a New Friend!

From the SNOW PEOPLE collection by Darling & Company, Seattle, WA.

Snowmen first came on the scene, according Bob Eckstein, in his "History of the Snowmen" in the 16th century. They became especially popular in the Victorian era. He writes, "The picturing of snow people flourished in the penny-postcard era (1890-1920) when many thousands of cards were made."

(Watch for more Snowmen from the collection of Darling & Company!)


  1. this is a cute one too.....i love their adorable.....have a nice weekend......

  2. Just Darling Postcards... Greetings from a new friend in Very Snowy Iron River Michigan. I am a volunteer at the Iron County Historical Museum, doing a bit of research on The Move of The Carrie Jacobs Bond House. Refreshing my memory... I sold cookies too. Found your article from 2007 WILDWOOD PRESS "The Sweet Song of Success" It is delightful! The Bond House needs a new roof this year... so fund raising is on the agenda. Hope all is well with you Coralie. Tootles, Faye Kangas Ballinger