Sunday, April 21, 2013

V & W are for VERY WILD around our House!

V is for VERY sorry I missed last week's alphabet Thursday post! And W is for it's been WILDLY busy around here with the new kid, Lulu, being added to our family! 

If you haven't already met our new kid...

Come visit our beautiful sweet rescue sheltie Lulu. 
She is recovering from heartworm disease and doing well!
You can see more about her at:

Heartworm disease can be fatal. Lulu had the disease when she was rescued by us. A simple monthly medicine is given to dogs to prevent this disease (which is caused by a mosquito bite). The breeder who used her as a breeder dog did not take care of her, nor give her the appropriate medicine. Lucky we found her when we did...she is likely to make a full recovery!

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  1. Really like seeing your Lulu updates! She looks so great and so happy in her new loving home.

  2. She's so lucky to have you Coralie, she's so beautiful. I don't understand those who purchase a pet then don't take care of them. Lulu hit the jackpot!

  3. Very very very very veeeery cute !

  4. Hello Coralie,
    My name is Jeff Barr, a reporter for Second Wave Media, a collection of community-oriented Websites with one site based in the U.P. We're doing a story this week on U.P. bloggers and would love to include your blog "A Vintage Cottage Home" in the story. I would need to talk to you by phone for about 15 minutes to gather information about why you blog, how long you've been doing it, what satisfaction you draw from it, response, etc., etc. This is an interview for a news story, not some sort of a sales pitch. I PROMISE. My deadline is kind of tight, so if you could call me at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it very much.
    All the best,
    Jeff Barr

  5. Lulu is so beautiful and you are blessed and she is too ~ so glad you have her ^_^

  6. She is a sweetie! :) And she's lucky to have you! :)

  7. Bless you for taking her on with
    this disease.. she has entered into
    a loving family... beautiful dog!

  8. Your Lulu is looking beautiful. And this is a good reminder for me - almost time for my dog's annual vet check!

  9. Yay for a full recovery! She is a beautiful girl!

  10. Lulu is beautiful! We have a new young dog which is like having a toddler so I understand missing posts!

  11. Hello Lulu! Nice to meet you :) You are gorgeously sweet :)


  12. Lulu is one lucky dog to have found you. Honestly, some of these previous owners should be ashamed of themselves. A lot of humans say animals are stupid. I think not. I think the reverse is true in the case of careless neglect.

  13. So glad to hear that she is doing well!


  14. I can definitely relate to things being Very Wild around the house lately....

    This was a Wonderful post for the letter V and the letter W...

    Thanks for linking.

    Very good job!


  15. What a sweet blog you have. We, too, love Shelties & have had 2 ~ Bonnie Blue Butler (named after Scarlet & Rhett's daughter ~ & Bonnie was easy for our then 2yr old daughter to say) & Hickory Dickery Dog. Precious pooches.

    Question: Where did you find the lovely picture on your header. I would like to copy it w/out your lettering for my own enjoyment. Thanks bunches!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><