Monday, November 23, 2009

A Blue Monday Night to Remember!

My birthday was quickly approaching and I was about to become a teenager on November 23! I could hardly wait! I wanted to have a boy/girl party more than just about anything. I didn't believe my mother would agree to this but, in fact, she did!

After several weeks of bothering, badgering, and begging, I was allowed to invite seven girls and eight boys to my birthday party. It was the first boy/girl party of my class—of course. You see, I was always determined to be the first to do everything, driving Mom and Dad absolutely crazy.

In our small town, we had an amazing log cabin structure called the Recreation Center. Every manner of important social event was held there. Fashion shows, Brownie Scout initiations, and my 13th birthday party!

In front of the massive fieldstone fireplace, flanking the main wall of the log building, we pushed our folding chairs in a circle, giggled, and teased. We were after all, only twelve and thirteen years old!

The party was a huge success and even Mom agreed we were a well-behaved bunch—even though we insisted on playing a couple of kissing games “Wink," “Postman, Postman, Send Me a Letter," and “Spin the Bottle."She, of course, had a watchful eye on us the entire evening while at the same time, putting together platters of egg salad sandwiches, strawberry jello topped with whipped cream and bananas, and a beautiful white cake with creamy butterscotch frosting and thirteen candles. What a time we had!

It was a night to remember! And not long ago, one of the special girlfriends who had attended the event was going through her saved treasures from days past and found the invitation to my party among them. What a thrill it was to receive this memento of long ago in the mail! How special to know that someone else had saved it all those years!

But the most special memory of that amazing event was the love and care Mom provided for me, not only on that night but every day and night as I was growing up...and beyond. My dearest Mom passed on in 2000 but the wonderful ways in which she cared and shared remain with me always. Thank you, Mom! I love you!

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Happy Blue Monday everyone!


  1. My mother made a butterscotch frosting. Do you suppose it's similar? We're not that far apart geographically. You were fortunate to have parents who would allow such a party in your time. I bet you were the most popular girl when word got out you were having it!

  2. The butterscotch frosting was amazingly delicious...creamy, buttery, and wonderful! It was my favorite and I'm hoping to find the exact ingredients written down somewhere in my mother's massive collection of recipes! When I find it, I'll share it on my Charming Vintage Recipe blog! Happy hugs, Coralie

  3. I really enjoyed your post. From the looks of the party photo, I'd say we were probably becoming teens during pretty much the same era. It sounds like a wonderful party. And how beautiful that your friend saved the invitation and then actually sent it to you! That must have been a delightfully amazing surprise. Hope you have a Happy Blue Monday and a great Thanksgiving!

  4. What a nice memory. Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What a sweet memory of your Mom & your "coming of age" party!!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  6. I love that invitation, the picture is GREAT, and I really enjoyed the memory you shared! It must have been so exciting being the first to have a boy/girl party! I can imagine your mother, just as mine would (and still does,even though I am older) dotting over you. Isn't that great? I remember thinking one day "holy cow, I have become my mother" and I was pleased to see some of her in me.

    Happy Blue Monday!
    Thanks for following my blog...I am a follower of yours now too!

  7. Hello, my friend. First, and most importantly, Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and joy.

    I love the story about your party - with Mom overseeing and making your party so special. Oh, I remember those daring games of Spin the Bottle! We thought we were being so grown-up! What a lovely memory.


  8. What a beautiful memory, Coralie! So glad you have this picture, and so glad your mother was so watchful over you! I would be the same way...and my youngest is just that age right now and would probably like the same party! So glad I found you and both of your beautiful blogs...thanks for your visit yesterday and the sweet, kind words you left for me! Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and memorable!

  9. Happy Blue Monday, Coralie! What a fond remembrance and wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday.


  10. Dear Coralie,
    I hope your special day is full of blessings from start to finish!

  11. What a wonderful memento! And lovely memories too- you are a lucky girl.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  12. So many had special memories of your special birthday. Times were oh, so innocent then! Happy Blue Monday and have a Happy Thanksgiving, Coralie.


  13. Special birthday wishes for you today, Coralie! I hope it's as special as that one! It sounds like the perfect party for a 13 year old. Thank you for sharing the story with us. Your mother loved you very much. I Love that invitation, too! Twyla

  14. Nothing can take away our memories. Your mother would be so proud knowing you paid such a nice tribute to her. Blessings to you and your family.

  15. So it is your birthday. Happy birthday and this was such a lovely post/ Thank you for visiting

  16. Oh, Happy Birthday to you, dear Coralie! You are such a special lady, and I hope your birthday and the year to come are equally special.

    This was a precious story, and I so enjoyed hearing it and seeing the fun picture. I know that has got to make you smile each time you see it.

    Sending you much love and many hugs for a Happy Blue Monday BIRTHDAY!

    May the Lord's richest blessings be yours...


    Sheila :-)

  17. Happy Birthday, Coralie. Your lovely post would please your Mother greatly. I hope you have a great Blue Monday and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

  18. What a wonderful fun memory. We are so lucky to have wondeful parents and great memories.Sharon

  19. Your mom sounds a lot like mine. My mother passed away in 1999.
    What a great birthday party. I remember the young teen days and boy and girl parties. What fun. Of course things were a lot different back in the early 50s. Those were the good old days. LOL

  20. Oh, I'm so happy I came by today!!! I wouldn't have wanted to miss your birthday!

    I hope you had a great one!!!


  21. Thanks everyone for your happy birthday greetings! It made my birthday so much sweeter to know you are all out there sending your good wishes! Blessings to all and have a happy Thanksgiving week! Hugs, Coralie

  22. Happy birthday, Coralie! Thanks for the visit. Is that an actual picture from your party? How fun! ♥

  23. From reading your posts, and your comments on mine, I know we had a lot in common. But a birthday, too?! Happy birthday (belated) - mine was yesterday too! :)

  24. What a wonderful memory, and what a friend to save the invite and give it back to you. How lovely to have it as a reminder. I loved the picture also. How precious!

  25. What a special memory of your thirteenth birthday. And to think, you still have that adorable invitation! What a sweet mother you had. I'll bet you miss her.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog today and thank you for visiting mine.

    Second Hand Chicks