Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Piano Lessons on Tuesdays!

When I saw this book cover with piano scales by Czerny, the memories all came rushing back. And, I have to tell you, they weren't all good! Tuesdays in my growing up days were a source of severe stress. I would go to school, watch the clock, and hope for some kind of miracle to prevent me from having to go to my piano lesson. Of course that miracle never happened but it didn't stop me from wishing!

Now here's the irony of the whole matter! I loved playing the piano! I played all the time, any classical piece I could get my hands on. I played the organ in church and for the choir that my mom directed.

It was practicing my scales that I didn't like, nor did I do! More often than not, I would end up sight reading my lessons in front of my piano teacher. And you can guess this made me pretty anxious for Tuesdays' lessons to roll around!

Of course, by Wednesday, all stress was forgotten and I went right back to playing all the beautiful tunes I loved so well. Czerny? Well, Czerny stayed right where (in my pre-teen opinion) he belonged...in the piano bench. That is, until the following Tuesday when the drama would begin all over again.

You might think I would have learned my lesson...but, no, not me and not with Czerny! Still I remember him—clearly and dearly—with sweet nostalgia in my heart!


  1. What a great story. But I know you are glad you learned to play as music is such a source of joy. Thanks for sharing your Tuesday memories.

  2. Oh my gosh, I was the same! I hated practicing but loved playing the piano. Scales, exercises? No. When it was time to practice the piano, I would play all my favorite things so that my Mom would hear me playing, but not my lesson. And I, too, would sight read everything at my actual lesson.

    I wish I had practiced a bit more than I had!

  3. What wonderful Tuesday memories to share. I think the piano is such a wonderful instrument, and I was never able to play unfortunately but it looked like so much fun.


  4. I remember Thursday piano lessons. (grin) I'm so glad I took them--what I learned from my blue-haired piano teacher then, are the foundations for all the music I know now.

  5. I envy you the ability to play the piano. I think it's something that would never leave you and it would be so amazing to just sit at a piano and make beautiful music. Have a wonderful day!

  6. I hated practicing the piano too, but I did not enjoy playing it either! My mother had visions of me in a concert hall. Talk about conflicts!

  7. Coralie what a lovely story and a dear memory! I enjoyed reading this post so very much! I am wondering...do you still play?
    Blessings Coralie,

  8. What a great story! I sure wish I could play the piano. I have always wanted to. I can play the clarinet. I played for the school band. I think it is wonderful to be able to play an instrument. The sheet music looks so perfectly vintage, like something we all love today to craft with!

  9. My Mom only wanted boys, so I never got to do all the *girly* things....I envy you! Besides, look at the memory it gave you so you could blog about it!!

  10. My first piano was a vintage upright that I'm sure my parents scrimped and saved for. It was painted pink! I was like you though, I hated to practice, but just couldn't wait to play the tunes of my choice!

  11. I took piano lessons when I was young. Sadly I did not continue them... and can not play today... can not read notes. Your story is charming and I bet you are so happy you can play!

  12. I wish I had learned to play. I know it's quite a commitment!

  13. What a fun story! I never stressed over my lessons and I loved playing so much the other kids would as Mom to make me stop so they could watch TV.

    I'm trying to get all caught up! I think I'm about there!