Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collecting Vintage Cotton & Feedsack Quilts!

Whenever I discover a a beautiful old hand-pieced cotton and feedsack quilt at an antique mall, I simply cannot resist adding it to my collection! I love imagining how the creators of these quilts decided on pattern and color choices and then sat down to stitch and dream. What were those quilters dreaming about way back when? Were they planning to give the quilt to someone they loved?
It's clear that a lot of love has gone into this quilt and the many others I have found and adopted! Such gorgeous fabrics and all from vintage cotton and feedsacks. Every single one is a unique piece of art designed by a creative spirit, a spirit who sees the world in living color.
In visiting an Amish home a few years ago, I was interested to see that the rooms were equipped with useful items only. One of the wooden kitchen tables held dozens of oil lamps ready to be refilled and reused. Another kitchen table & benches took center stage in that room awaiting the family gathering for food. But the rooms were devoid of color or decorations.

Except for the sewing room! From a large wooden chest in the sewing room, came the most stunning quilts I'd ever seen. The excitement in the Amish women's eyes told the whole story. It's all about the color, texture, and design. It's all about the creative spirit of art!

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