Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sheltie Camera Monster!

This is Bonnie Lass. See that look in her eyes? That's the look that says, "You're not going to take another picture are you? Cuz, if you are, all you're going to hear for the next ten minutes is some hair-raising barking!"

This sheltie came to us at age two and had already developed a dreadful dislike to the big "C" better known as the CAMERA! Whenever I take my photos of quilts, vintage fabrics, and feedsack items for eBay sales, I have to shoo her outdoors so she doesn't see the camera coming.

However, this dog knows me so well, she can suspect when I'm going to have a photo session. She lurks around underfoot giving me the LOOK! Still she's just a little sweetie when there's no camera equipment around. A real cuddler!Hard to believe these photos are of the same sheltie...but they are! How did my husband get her to actually pose for this picture? Well, he's the real camera-man around here. He had his camera on a tripod and held a remote control in his hand. Yep, you've got to go a long way to fool this dog!

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