Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Camera Monster in a Rare Moment of Repose!

I just had to post this photo taken yesterday by Jim. It's so seldom that Bonnie Lass (the camera monster) will put up with having her picture taken that this is a rare shot indeed. Of course, the truth of the matter is that she was outside on the deck and Jim was inside. Had it been me behind the camera, this would never have been possible. She knows exactly when I'm going to take pictures for the blog and does whatever she can to prevent it.

This is what we usually see. (Aha, Jim! Caught in the act!)


  1. She is so beautiful! My dog Mandy used to be the same way and my husband was always arguing that I took too long to take the picture. Mandy is no longer with us and I miss her dearly. She was either a border collie or austrailian shepherd. She was mostly auborn dark brown and black in colour and the best dog we ever had. We had her for 16 years so we were lucky to have her with us for so long.

  2. She is such a beautiful dog!! And she looks so happy!

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our Bonnie Lass. We rescued this darling eight years ago when she was only two years old. She still acts like a puppy and we just love her so much! Dogs do have a way of completely capturing our hearts!