Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Snow Arrived Overnight!

We were sort of hoping the snow would take a vacation for a few days but here it is again. Still the new snowfall is beautiful! And I love how the snowflakes are described in this old-fashioned poem!
I discovered this 1932 book of Poems for the Very Young Child last week when Jim and I took a day trip to visit antique shops in Indiana. The book was in "falling-apart" condition with pages ready to fly away but the poems were intact as you can see. A lovely find!

Compiled by Dolores Knippel and illustrated by Mary Ellsworth. Published by Whitman Publishing Co in Racine, Wisconsin. 


  1. I live in the Heart of Dixie, Coralie. So, it is a BIG event when we get just a few flakes!! The whole city closes. Schools are closed, and the bread and milk sales soar!!! Unfortunately, not one flake this winter!!! There's still hope though! We had the blizzard of 1993 with over 2 feet of snow!!! I can wish and dream with your poem about snow!

  2. Hi Coralie, that is a lovely poem. Your snow is pretty, especially because it is at your house and not at mine! xo, suzy