Monday, February 23, 2009

Cottage Art: Watercolors To Look For!

I love a good day of shopping estate sales and have found over the years that often it's the unplanned sales where one finds the best bargains! While my husband and I were on vacation last year, we spotted an Estate Sale sign and decided to give it a try.

The house we entered was a huge old Victorian with wide oak staircases and French doors leading to charming rooms filled with fine china, shelf upon shelf of books, Asian rugs, handmade baskets of all sorts and shapes, and art pieces of various textures and sizes from around the world. The prices on these ranged from $40 to $1200.

However, on a small table across the room from the more expensive art pieces were a few paintings the elderly woman had created herself in a watercolor class. While most shoppers seemed aloof to these, I was immediately attracted to them and bought two for $5 each. 

As soon as we returned home, I framed this one and just love seeing it every day! It seemed to fit immediately and seamlessly into my vintage cottage collections!


  1. What a deal for that beautiful watercolor! I love how the dogs are guarding it!

  2. Oh, how sweet it is!!! A bargain filled with beauty! Isn't it amazing when we find that a treasure is destined for's as though everyone else was oblivious to it? Sometimes at the thrift store when my eye catches "the find" of the day, it is just sitting there "alone." As a little postscript on that..SHH!!! Don't tell anyone ! Sometimes, I buy a lonely stuffed animal on the shelf because it was so forgotten, and it looks so sad!!! I'm hopeless!

  3. Hi Coralie,
    Just a note to let you know that I am almost finished with your Vintage Home Hanger!

    I just love this picture with all the Scotty dogs and Terrier figurines. You have found some wonderful treasures! So delightfully charming! I will be mailing your hanger soon!
    Many Blessings, Katie

  4. Hi Katie! I can't wait to see my Vintage Home Hanger!!! Thank you for this gift and for your sweet comment! Great to hear from you!