Monday, February 16, 2009

Vintage Stationery & Greeting Card Boxes

I have a passion for vintage decorative boxes. I don’t actually find a lot of them in my antique and flea market travels so I only have a few, but I’m always on the lookout! The colorful illustrations with their quaint and charming hearts and/or flowers speak to me of long ago and gentler times.

This box makes me think of springtime and all the pleasures it brings: starting anew the gardens, the return of the robins, and the ease of warmer weather. Not that I really mind so much the colder weather; I don’t. Still it’s awfully nice to look forward to the coming of spring with all its magical charms of the season.


  1. Oooh, I love the old decorative boxes and vintage greeting cards, too. Aren't they just lovely?!

    Have a wonderful week, Coralie!


  2. I see these at estate sales -- usually with some kind of junk in them. I've never thought to buy them for the box. What a great idea!!! I have one that someone gave to me with some papers for an organization I belong to. I'm going to get a real box and keep that one for my own!

    By the way, thanks for following my blog. I'm new to the blog world and don't have many friends yet.