Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thrifty Vintage Cottage Home Find!

A quick trip to our local Salvation Army Thrift Store yesterday on the way to appointments provided this wonderful framed cottage collage! I could hardly believe I'd found it at all, let alone the thrifty price of $4.99!
Our local Salvation Army store has a rapid turnover so there's always hope of finding something new, unique, and interesting. Thrift stores are just too much fun! One person's junque is another's treasure. And who doesn't love searching for treasure? You never know what amazing cottage bargains you might find!


  1. Coralie that is a treasure. I love everything in it! It is so much fun when you find a treasure, isn't it. Sharon

  2. That's beautiful Coralie..
    I never find anything like that at all..

  3. What a great picture you picked up! I need to check out my local Salvation Army store!

  4. Now you have inspired me to have a look at the Salvation Army nearby. Thanks for sharing your find with's beautiful.