Friday, May 1, 2009

A Heap o' Livin' - 1916 by Edgar Guest!

A few months ago, while shopping a thrift store near Detroit, I was excited to find this historical framed poem by Edgar Guest.

Edgar Guest worked for the Detroit Free Press for over 40 years. He wrote more than 11,000 poems which were syndicated in some 300 newspapers and collected in more than 20 books, including this one A Heap o' Livin' in 1916.

Edgar Guest was made Poet Laureate of Michigan, the only poet to have been awarded the title.


  1. I look forward to these postings & graphics daily, Coralie ... I went to that antique mall yesterday I spoke of where the lady makes are out of the vintage book pages ... I just love going thru them.

    TY for sharing these exquisite pieces.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. That is a wonderful treasure!! This is truly a gem. I love the vintage quality but the picture and poem are also so special.

    Have a sweet weekend!


  3. That is beautiful. The drawing and the poem are exquisite.


  4. I love the HOME picture and the beautiful poem, Coralie! I also adore your pictures of you and your siblings as children. Reminds me of the ones my own Momma has of her family. Simply beautiful.

    Blessings to you friend. Love the Birdcage. That was an amazing find!


  5. What a sweet poem and picture, Coralie! A treasure for sure.