Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Scarlet Tanager for Ruby Tuesday!

What could be more beautiful than a Scarlet Tanager!

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  1. i love the wizard of oz pic, i love the shoes :)

  2. I love anything that has to do with birds.
    What a perfect Ruby Tuesday post.
    Enjoyed visiting,

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  3. Loved this picture! I've only seen a scarlet tanager once it was so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful pic this morning Coralie, thanks for sharing! Nan

  5. What a lovely picture. I don't think I've ever seen a scarlet tanager, except in a photo.

    Also, thanks for the heads-up about your other blog. I think I'll go check that out...though I must admit, I no longer do the cooking in my home. I reluctantly surrendered that duty to my 20 year old daughter in May. She loves to cook and would like to attend culinary school. She begged for the opportunity to take over the cooking duties, so she could get more experience cooking. She plans and cooks all the meals, so if I discover a recipe on your blog, who knows when I'll get to try it.

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Lovely image, I adore the color of the eggs. Very pretty.

  7. That bird is on my bucket list of birds I truly wish to see one day!

  8. I had Yellow Tanager's in my yard late this spring,,early summer. They were SO gorgeous! They stayed in my lilac tree for quite a while, and I dashed for the camera and alas, it was dead! The camera,,,,,ugh, not the birds!

    I thought they were some exquisite tropicals that had gotten lose! What a treat! I talked about them for DAYS!

    Thanks for sharing! (I posted an Emergency Blog Contact Button to grab on my blog today. Post the button/list an BLOG contact for emergencies who knows how to get a hold of your family or a friend.) Check it out,,,,I'm not the first to lose touch with a long time blogger and not know what happened......very frustrating. Hoping THIS will give us all a way to list an emergency contact,,,albeit securely!

    (My doggies are too tired to move,,,son took them up hiking in the mountains/falls today!) Happy pups!

    Take care!
    Hugs and love,