Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Adventure Continues!

The 2010 OWOH Magic Carpet Ride may be over but the adventure continues! So many new friends to share our lives with. So many new inspirational words, thoughts, and ideas to share! Thank you Lisa Swifka for creating and hosting this fabulous event founded on global connections, caring and friendship! It has been and continues to be a highlight of our blogging years!I am thrilled to have won Lisa Bivona's stunning original painting of a bold and beautiful parrot! Painted with acrylics on a wrap-around gallery canvas, this piece is absolutely awesome! Lisa's other works and her beautiful blog can be seen at her Pearl Avenue Studios! Thank you so much Lisa!

Then, to my great surprise, I also won this great assortment of fibers and laces from Marie at Twisted Sister Art! Oh what fun I can think of for using all these fancy frills! Thanks so much Marie for this fun-filled gift!

From Debbie at On the Refrigerator Door, I will be receiving a beautiful set of her handmade "Thinking of You" cards! These are wonderful! Handmade items such as these come directly from the heart! I can't wait to use these lovely notes! Thank you so much Debbie!

It's my lucky day!!! I am the 2010 One World-One Heart winner of this stunning pair of earrings, handmade by Morna Crites-Moore of Bittersweet ! The earrings feature turquoise, chrysocolla, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, and copper wire. And they are gorgeous! Thank you so much Morna!

* * *

The winner of my 2010 OWOH Giveaway is Dorthe of Denmark
Congratulations, Dorthe!!!


  1. Oh My Gosh, Coralie Sweetie...
    You really raked in the prizes. Congratulations. I bet Bonnie and Carrie were just barking away for you. They were doing the "Happy Bark" I know. If Moma is happy, they are happy. Love the earrings best of all.

    I hope you have a beautiful day today. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. YES! A worthy winner you are for sure! Sounds like everyone had fun with this. And Dorthe is the lucky one to get such a sweet little book (O:
    Have a great day Coralie..

  3. Wow! Coralie, I thought I was a LuckyGal....I'm passing the 'LuckiestGal' Title to you! Congrats! I'm lovin those dangle turquoise earrings....Sue

  4. Coralie, it's just like Christmas at your home!! Good for you! I love your colorful Parrot!! What Joy!
    Bless you,

  5. Coralie, you were the lucky one weren't you. Josh and Keelie want to know what Bonnie and Carrie get....they notice everything. Congratulations on all your goodies.

  6. Wow, Coralie! You really won some wonderful creations! Congratulations, you deserve them!


  7. Wow. What a Red Letter Day for you. Hey, now there is a vintage phrase. Congratulations on all the wins.

  8. Wow...I am delighted that you were so lucky to get to know so many wonderful bloggers and artists...and to have a tangible connection to them is wonderful! please come see me, when you can...
    or www.adivashammer.com
    when you have time, i'll put the tea kettle on!

  9. Coralie,
    You won so many gifts. What wonderful blessings! You are deserving, with your kind and loving heart.

  10. Wow!!! You are a lucky girl!!! Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket too? ;o) Congratulations :0)

  11. Congratulations to you, Coralie! I'm so happy you won! Twyla

  12. Hello, Coralie,
    You won some wonderful prizes, and it sounds like you and all the participants had a great time, too! Congratulations, dear friend! Vicki

  13. Greetings from Isle La Motte, Vermont.

    Thank you for visiting our blog during the OWOH tour.

    We hope you had as much fun as we did on the magic carpet ride?

    This was our first year, and already look forward to doing it again...

    We are addicted to blogging!!

    Thanks again for your visit.

    Michele & Minyele and Willy Wonka Pea Doddle, too.

  14. Thanks so much to all of you for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Lisa Swifka's OWOH event is so important to us all as we continue blogging and thinking of others around the globe. I love how we all find and stay open to the similarities and differences in ourselves and others and how those elements widen our world in pleasure, inspiration, and caring. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!

  15. Thank you Coralie, looks like you hit the treasure box. Good for you. It lifts your spirit, doesn't it?
    ...and you have a wonderful day also!


  16. Coralie,
    The 15th certainly was your lucky. I enjoyed OWOH too. And I won a wonderful prize from someone I really like so a double blessing.
    Thank you for coming by and becoming a follower..