Monday, October 20, 2008

A Local Cider Mill!

Yesterday was an autumn day so gorgeous that it should almost have been required to take a drive in the country! And that is exactly what we did. A leisurely ride in the country, going nowhere, going anywhere, going somewhere special. Who knew where we might end up? I wasn't sure; I didn't care. The sky cast a bright blue radiance overhead; the fields golden, stretched out as far as the eye could see; the trees costumed in burnt orange, crimson and scarlet glowed like jewels in the sun-filled air! Enough beauty to make your heart burst!

I don't know how my husband Jim found this wonderful cider mill out in the vastly uninhabited farmlands but he did. He does have a knack for such things, still what a surprise it was to travel down several connecting back roads to suddenly find this wonderful farm, orchard and mill. Pumpkin heaven! The smells of apples, cider and donuts filled the air along with the sweet strains of fiddlers' Appalachian tunes. A day to be cherished and remembered long into the future.

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