Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ginger! Ginger! Pumpkin Eater!

I don’t know why I love pumpkins so much; I just do! A field of glowing pumpkins in fall is a glorious sight! I become smitten with the shades of orange and ginger, carroty colors against bleached cornstalks and fading greens of summer. We cannot pass a pumpkin stand without stopping to buy one or two.

When Ginger, one of my three shelties, was still a pup, we came home with two brilliantly bright orange pumpkins to decorate our back deck. How striking they looked…until…until I was shocked to see a huge raw spot on one of the pumpkins! What—who—could have caused this? Did some wild animal crawl up on to my deck and eat my beautiful pumpkin? Was it a squirrel or maybe an opossum? Or a very large blue jay? Hmmm! Who do you think ate my pumpkin?

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