Sunday, October 12, 2008

Garage Sale Fun!

The weather was perfect, cool but sunny, autumn leaves dancing in the morning light. The Garage Sale signs were posted and calling. How could we resist a venture out to find recycled treasures? We couldn’t! And the hunt was on!

I have to laugh whenever a garage sale seller asks, “Looking for anything special?” Yes, of course, I’m looking for something special and I’ll know it when I see it. When my heart starts to thump and I start to feel kind of tingly all over, then I know I’ve found what I’m looking for. Treasure! I like to think of it as recycling—someone else’s trash becomes my treasure—and just look what I found yesterday:

One wooden handpainted bird key holder (should be sweet in the kitchen, if I can find a wall that’s not already taken). $.50!

One “they hated to spread gossip” Chronicle Books address book by Anne Taintor (great art prints of 1950’s women, ideal for a women’s studies teacher like me…lots of possibilities for discussions). $.25!

One “The Quilter” an infatuations notebook by Quilters’ Resource of Chicago in association with Museum Quilts, London (a quilter’s personal journal, idea and inspiration notebook—perfect for my quilter self). $.25!

One “Flowers” Golden Press, 1950 (a guide to familiar American wildflowers with 134 paintings in full color—no nature lover could pass this one up). $.25!

Total expenditures for the day: $1.25! A morning outing in autumn with enough magic to make my heart sing: priceless!

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  1. PawsN2Stamp said...
    Love the Key Holder! Great find!!!
    February 2, 2009 6:06 AM