Friday, November 6, 2009

Popovers! Free 50's Recipes! Followers Wanted!

Today, on my CHARMING VINTAGE RECIPES blog, I am featuring a 1950's recipe for Popovers!

Every day I feature a new FREE 1950's Recipe that is sure to bring back memories of another day and maybe even make you want to cook up something you haven't thought of in years!

I hope you'll take a look and also sign on as a FOLLOWER!

Have a great day! Coralie


  1. Coralie wonderful idea, ya never know when someone may stop by.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I was one of your's a great site. Popovers is a Christmas tradition in our house!

  3. Oh golly...I remember Popovers! Yum! Maybe when my weight watchers diet goal is reached I'll indulge! :)


  4. Coralie, I can't wait to see this recipe! Do you know...I have never had a popover!! Oh boy..something new to try!

  5. Coralie, I see that I have been missing out on some wonderful posts by not stopping by these past days. Popovers, I have to stop by and see what that recipe is about. And the post about the Memory Mittens is just toooo nice. I wish now that I had saved my mother's sweaters, I would dearly have loved mittens for me and the children from them. How sad that I did not know about Kathleen and her mitten mission sooner! But I am glad that you posted that, what a heart warming story. And the picture of the little boy on the dike, holding back the water with his finger. I live near Holland, and today that picture means more then it did before I moved here. Holland is mostly BELOW sea level, if that says anything, and has many many dikes along the coast. so glad that I stopped by today, I was scrolling up and down, finding one intersting post after the other. You DO come up with the loveliest things to share with us all. hugs, Debby

  6. Hi Coralie!

    Your blog is so charming! I just love your cute doggies!

    Michelle :)