Friday, February 26, 2010

Seeking Shells and Seaweed on the Sands!

Seeking shells and seaweed on the sands.

I recently discovered this fabulous website, Art Prints For Kidz, established by Michele and Don Beesley of Grand Rapids, Michigan and filled with wonderful art prints from vintage children's books! This is just one of many of the most beautiful and amazing prints from their collection. Please take a moment to wander over to their site and check out all the gorgeous vintage illustrations! The colors are amazing! The quality fantastic! I promise you will love them!

(Tune in tomorrow for more vintage illustrations by the Beesleys!)

You can see more (& shop) here: Art Prints for Kidz!
All prints are the copyright of The Beesley Assortment.

* * *
Today I'm participating in Friday Show & Tell by My Romantic Home.
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  1. Bonjouir Coralie,
    I will definitely head over to this site, this print is so beautiful. I love your new header and design, such pretty Spring colors.
    How do you keep up with two blogs, I have trouble with one!

  2. Hi Coralie, I bookmarked that site because I love vintage prints!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Gorgeous prints!

    Have a great weekend,


    PS Wonderful not to be blocked by Blogger any longer from such wonderful sites as yours!!

  4. Beautiful image, Coralie! Thanks for sharing about their site--I'll stop over for a visit! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  5. That vintage artwork is beautiful. Would look great in my grandbabies' room. Thanks for stopping by. I am going to follow you...Kim

  6. Hello Coralie, Thanks much for the link! Sweetest illustration you have posted! Looking forward to heading over to see some more.

    Sending wishes for a lovely weekend!
    Kindly, ldh

  7. Thank you for sharing, I'm going over to look right now:)

  8. Thank you for sharing this link...I know I will enjoy looking.
    Warmest Regards,

  9. Thanks for sharing the info. I will go over and check the site out when have a little more time.

  10. i love those prints, that is an awesome site! thanks for sharing it.

  11. I love those prints! Thanks for the info about their site.

    ~ Tracy

  12. What a beautiful illustration. There is so much going on there. Lots of things that my eye is drawn to. I really like this one.