Monday, April 13, 2009

Bluebirds of Happiness for Springtime!

Not long ago, I discovered these lovely hand appliqued pillowcases at a tiny antique boutique in a tiny town somewhere along our path to another larger mall in Ohio.

We like to enjoy the ride so were taking our time along the back roads, enjoying the scenery and just relaxing when suddenly I spotted this unique little shop.

"Stop the car! We have to check this out," I exclaimed!

The shop was filled with beautiful linens and white antique items all crowded together in a gorgeous collage of cottage bliss. Everything was beautifully arranged and I had a hard time choosing but finally settled on this pair of pillowcases and certainly have not been sorry for the choice! Bluebirds for happiness! What more could anyone ask for?


  1. These are precious. My sister collects vintage pillow cases. Her collection started with several pillowcases that my Grandma hand embroidered and crocheted the trim. I also have a few from my Grandma. I'll have to iron them up and post a picture.


  2. It must be wonderful to have back roads to travel on. It sounds like a beautiful little shop and your choice of those pillow cases is also beautiful.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. These are so beautiful and bluebirds are such cheerful & pretty little things!!

  4. I would have enjoyed visiting the little shop you found......gorgeous pillowslips.....Linked in Stitches Polly Mc Quinn