Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give Me Thine Heart!

Give Me thine Heart
Hear ye not a voice from heaven
To the listening spirit given?
"Children, come!" it seems to say,
Give your hearts to Me today.

Lord, may we remember Thee,
While from pain and sorrow free,
While our day is in its dew,
While the clouds of life are few.

Then when night and age appear,
Thou wilt chase each doubt and fear.
Thou our glorious Leader be
When the stars shall fade and flee.

Now to Thee, O Lord! we come,
In our morning's early bloom,
Breathe on us Thy grace divine,
Touch our hearts and make them Thine!

I found this beautiful vintage prayer the other day and thought I'd share it with everyone. The birds are sweet; the sentiment sweeter still!


  1. That's beautiful!


  2. Wow! That's so beautiful - the sentiment and the birds! I really appreciate you sharing!

  3. That is a very beautiful poem.