Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uncle Wiggily comes to Ruby Tuesday!

Here's another of my favorite rabbit storybooks! Uncle Wiggily could get into all sorts of adventures. In this book, it starts with a trip to the dentist. But there's more fun here than just a toothache for the wild rabbit and his friends! With thirty-six chapters in all, anything could happen! What fun!!! A charming antique children's book by Howard R. Garis!

This is just one of the vintage books I am offering for sale in my Vintage Cottage Home Etsy Shop...you can see all of them HERE! Please come and take a look around and I'd love it if you would HEART MY SHOP! Thanks so much!

Today, I am participating in RUBY TUESDAY hosted by
Click HERE to see more participants and their beautiful shades of red!

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I am celebrating my 500th post and having a Vintage Book Giveaway!
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  1. I know that book, Great reading. Happy RT making it easier to visit.My Ruby Link for you

  2. Love the deep red color of this book. Coralie, you have such a lovely Etsy shop. Added to my favorites. Have a great week.

  3. The book is favorite color and I always love the drawings in vintage books they have such charm. The Etsy shop is great. Have a good week.

  4. what an amazing look book ... and so red! perfect for ruby tuesday.

  5. My paternal grandmother had an Uncle Wiggly game at her house. It was an ancient game and the artwork was definitely done by the same person as on the cover of your book. It brings back good memories - thank you!

  6. Oh, I just found this post! I loved Uncle Wiggly stories as a child.

    When my budget is more in-control, I'm going to visit that shop.