Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally! Photos of Our Mystery Squirrel!

Here's the little squirrel I've been talking about since last fall! Jim was able to capture a few shots of him as he was zipping through the trees this morning! In the photos, he looks pretty much like the other local squirrels but he is much much smaller, about one-third the size. And his actions are quite different as he runs faster and flies farther than any of the other squirrels. 

He appeared last fall and lasted through the below zero weather we had in January and February by finding an old blanket in our garage and cuddling up for the long haul! I still can't figure out how such a little guy could just show up one day and not have another relative who looked just like him. 

I'd tried several times to get pictures but couldn't. But finally here's a good look at Mr. Mystery Squirrel!


  1. Oh he's darling... love squirrels!! So cute - glad he survived the cold!! Sarah

  2. He is the cutest!!! How smart of him to snuggle in the blanket and let the cold winds blow outside!!! Those are great pictures.

  3. What a wonderful creature! We seem to have fewer squirrels since Hurricane Ike, so to know that one made it through a winter in your part of the country is uplifting.

  4. Oh, he Is adorable. We have a little guy too that visits our feeder everyday. They are so much fun to watch. Blessing's, Kathi

  5. Oh, you have a red squirrel! We only have grey squirrels in our yard and neighborhood... My daughter babysits across town in a rural area and they have red squirrels, much smaller (mid sized between a chipmunk and a grey squirrel) and much faster than the grey squirrels! One day after she drove home from babysitting, we were sitting out on the deck and lo and behold, a red squirrel darted through our yard. All we can figure is that he road home in a wheel well of the van. We've never seen him since that one day. And you're right - they are HARD to see because they move so fast!

    I love all your vintage book photos and such - you and I have a lot in common!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage