Sunday, March 8, 2009

Up & Down Goes the Merry-Go-Round!

Finally found the "perfect" spot for my merry-go-round plaque on my workroom wall. Bought this special piece many years ago and couldn't figure out where to put it. First it was up, then down, then put far far away where no human eye could see it. 

When I "found" it the other day wedged in between my file cabinet and the wall, I just had to take some positive steps and find a place to pound just one more nail. So here it is on the wall and looking sweet as can be! Whew! At long last!


  1. Adorable! and fits so well with yuor decor :-)

  2. I love it. It is so happy. I can hear the music from here. I am glad you put it back up. Sharon

  3. Very nice..looks perfect up there..
    Julia ♥

  4. Hi Coralie. I have a surprise "award" for you on my blog. Please accept with my best regards. ~Nancy