Friday, March 6, 2009

Log Cabin Quilt Top - Vintage Find!

Keep an eye out for vintage quilt tops wherever you go. This one was found (in pieces) at our annual neighborhood garage sale. The pieces were in a heap and I almost didn't buy them. But when the young man selling them, said I could have the whole thing for $10, I quickly changed my mind!

Even if the quilt tops are not in perfect condition, such as this one when found, they can usually be easily reworked. Or just cleaned. 

This particular quilt top had a huge stain which remained stubborn to all the usual treatments. But I was determined so was able to cut away a whole row of blocks to preserve the integrity of the piece. 

It can sometimes be difficult to justify buying something that's imperfect, but it can also be worth the TLC needed to improve it! I think this one turned out beautifully! 


  1. You saved another one! Cutting off a row that couldn't be cleaned makes perfect sense, why throw the baby out with the bath water? These log cabin blocks are laid out in a unique manner, the darkest long logs are all vertical and the centers are not equal in shape, some are rectangles, some squares.I wonder if a woman won a block exchange and wasn't really familiar with traditional lob cabin quilt designs, i.e. straight furrows.

  2. You're right, Kim, this is an unusual way of putting a log cabin design together. Definitely not one of the traditional designs!