Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Organ Grinder, a Storybook Illustration

I love the illustrations in this children's schoolbook I recently found at an antique mall. Sure wish my schoolbooks had been as interesting as this one is with all the amazing colorful illustrations! I'll be sharing more of these in future posts. Aren't they great?


  1. I do love it when you post these!! I think as a preschool teacher I always would love to think that children could still have this sweetness in their lives. As an whimsy/ illistration kind of artist - I adore them. Thnk you for sharing them - wish I could find some around here. So you sell things somewhere??
    Thank you so very much for you amazing comments and support hon - it meant the world to me!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. Hi Sara! I'm so glad you're enjoying these great illustrations! I will eventually be selling some of my vintage books, vintage supplies for crafting and collages, and other vintage items on Etsy. I have a few other projects I have to get to first. For now, please feel free to "borrow" the book illustrations I post! Enjoy!

  3. Wow - I was just thinking, she changed her page and then I realized I'd clicked on your other blog. How do you manage two, Coralie? Pretty amazing! I love the illustrations on this one! I'm following it now, too!