Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Excerpt: "There are a lot of old-time Circus folk who'll tell you that Lilian Leitzel was the greatest Circus star of all-time. She headlined many years with THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH before falling to her death in Copenhagen in 1931."I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered this 1970 100th Anniversary Souvenir book of THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH at an antique mall in Wisconsin. We were on our way home from visiting family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—where I grew up and where I also attended the circus as a child—and decided to stop and look for thrifty finds.I actually had no intention of looking for a big top collector's item such as this but the book practically grabbed me by the sleeve and said, "Take me home; you'll find a lot of old circus history here!" I had no choice but to buy it for a whopping $6.

I'll have to scan more of these pictures as there are many from the 1800's as well as the early 1900's with historical accounts of circus news around the world. Many of the famous performers from long ago are spotlighted in interviews and photos. But for now, I hope you'll enjoy this slice of circus life as it was!

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