Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovingly, Florence Duffy

The cabinet photo is signed "Lovingly, Florence Duffy" and the back of the frame shows the name of photography studio Angvere of Spokane. 

I often wonder how a photo as beautiful as this (or any other for that matter) ends up in an antique shop. Were there no relatives left in the family to cherish it? Did she never marry or have children? No nieces or nephews to hold her image dear? 

Collecting vintage photos has become one of my favorite hobbies. I just wish I knew more about the people in them. They do, however, present some fascinating history. Perhaps some of them, like this beautiful little girl, will end up in a story I write one day where I imagine who she was, where she came from and what her circumstances were in life.  


  1. How I have enjoyed looking at your vintage photographs. It seems I have become the keeper of the family photographs and have an old German family bible with a section of photos that have no identification of who these relatives are. I'm sure one of my girls will take over for me and the photographs will stay in the family but we may never know who these ancestors are.
    Thanks so much for sharing your vintage finds.
    Warmest Regards,

  2. What a beautiful photo. I live in WA. and there is a Spokane over on the east side of WA. Wonder if it came from there? I too love old photos and wish there was more to know about them. Do write a story!!!! Also thanks for your sweet compliments on my post. I so appreciated them. Sharon

  3. How sweet the glance & near smile. Lovely, Coralie. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Oh what a wonderful find! If only that photo could speak, think of the stories it could reveal to us!
    Thanks for sharing.
    What a lovely blog header too.

  5. I love vintage photos! Your little girl has such a sweet face. I wish mine could speak, too! I have inherited quite a few, but they were hidden away for so long, that there is no one left to identify the long-lost relatives.

  6. She is lovely - tell us her story!!

  7. I love vintage photos. I'm like you...when I see them I wonder about the families and just how a loving photo might end up for sale at an Antique Shopppe.

    My great Aunt, Helen, married but never had children. She lived to be 96 and when she passed away there was NO ONE except her brother's family (my grandfather) to sift through her belongings. Most of the old photographs in her possession were unmarked and we had no idea who the people even were. The only person who MIGHT have been able to tell us (my grandmother) was blind from Glaucoma....

    I'm sure there are similar stories out there as to just HOW old pictures are lost along the way...:(

    Sweet Post!


  8. I love vintage photos too! I cherish my family ones!

  9. Your antique photographic portraits are so poignant. They surely do stimulate the imagination.

  10. Hello Coralie, love your vintage photo's.....I was fortunate enough to copy some family photo's that one of my Great Uncle had...how I wish I had asked more questions about them...hugs lyn

  11. What a gorgeous young girl! I'm so glad you're giving vintage photos like this one a new home!