Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Heart Songs! Dearest To My Heart!

What a thrill it was to find this 1938 song book! I bought it for $2 at an antique mall not long ago so it truly was a thrifty find. The song book had such meaning to me as it was a copy of the book that my mother and I used when she gave public performances. 

Mother had a beautiful voice, was often asked to sing, and I accompanied her on the piano for such events as community, church, and social gatherings. This little Sweet Heart book, produced by SweetHeart Soap, brought back many sweet memories of those times we practiced, sang, studied, celebrated, and laughed together. The wonders of sharing music last a lifetime!


  1. Hi Coralie, I'm so glad I discovered your blog! I just bought sheet music to incorporate into my mixed media accident that I found your site. What a beautiful design.

  2. How wonderfulit is to find something that you actually used in the past. It is nice that it brought back such warm memories.

  3. Oh Coralie, isn't that a fabulous find? My daddy used to sing "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" to my dear mother. May I share your "memory moment" with you? Love your blog dear friend... always something sweet waiting to be read here.

    Hugs, Martha

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  5. That is wonderful! I also collect old music. That's the first section I go to in the thrift stores!


  6. I'm following you too! Keep your vintage charm dreams alive... Simply lovely...