Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love of Books!

My love of books began with my mother's own love of the written word. Bedtime stories and poems were read aloud almost every single evening. And these shared hours were some of the most joyous of times through my early years. We traveled to Oz where we experienced amazing adventures filled with wondrous creatures, magical potions, and scary witches. Lassie, in her hard fought journey through the countryside, brought us relief as she finally found her way back home. With The Bobbsey Twins, we learned that two sets of twins are better than one, leading to all sorts of fascinating activities. And these were just a few of the favorites.

The wonder of books is that you can do anything, go anywhere you'd like and never leave home. It's the perfect journey for a child...or a grown-up. I look forward to reading a good book every chance I get. How about you? Childhood favorites?


  1. I don't know for sure why I have always loved books but I have. I remember my grandmother reading my story books to me until I had them memorized and then I remember in grade school how exciting it was when we got new books from the library in our classroom. I remember I wanted to read Robinson Caruso. One of my favorite childhood books was A Wrinkle in Time. There were many. I loved mysteries so I read lots of Nancy Drew and my favorite was Trixie Beldon. Twyla

  2. Coralie...It is because of my father I adore reading today. As a Pastor he amassed a huge collection of books! I was mesmerized by them and the stories they held inside their pages.

    I loved mysteries as a girl. My favorite Author today is Jane Austen. I've read her books over and over again.

    Thanks for sharing...


  3. Thanks for coming by Coralie,
    I did finish some beach projects.
    I do not remember whose pics i ended up using. Three people sent some to me.

    Here is the link if you want to look at what i did.
    (it is at the bottom of the post).

    Barbara jean
    PS Great memory by the way!!

  4. My parents are avid readers and gave my sister and me a love of books.

    When I met my Dh, we connected through a book, and I loaned him another book to make sure he would have to see me again to return it.

    My children love to read, too. We make sure special occasions are marked by the gift of a book.

    Happy reading, everyone.

  5. I love, love books and I was so excited this summer when I was able to visit Chincoteague Island and see the ponies that Marguerite Henry wrote about in her books - a 30 year old wish that my sweetie made come true!

  6. Hi, Coralie, I'm Holly! I love children's books too! My childhood favorites are the Little House books. ☺ ♥

  7. I love books too! I try to read one a week. My favorites are British mysteries. And I love to collect old books. I wish I could have a room that I could make into a library, with books from floor to ceiling!
    Coralie, I'm so excited! Today I finally found some vintage greeting cards, for 25 cents each, and a sweet old greeting card box too! You have definitely been my inspiration for wanting some cards of my own, even though I so enjoy looking at yours!

  8. Reading, or having someone read to me... nice memories. Anything with horses, Misty of Chincoteague, of course. The Boxcar Children series was another fav.

    I want to tell you, your Bonnie & Carrie have such gorgeous faces... what dear pups.


  9. Hi, Coralie,
    I tribute my love of books to my mother, too. She would read to me at nap time every day. One in particular that I remember her reading to me was Thumbelina. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Vicki

  10. My love of reading was passed on by my Mother also...she would take us to the old stone mansion that was our "liberry" and we would bring home stacks of books. She has a picture of me reading to my sisters. My favorite was the Bobbsey Twins at the time.

  11. Mama loved to read, too. So, did my dad. We always had something good to read around the house. I cannot imagine a childhood without books. When my own daughter was growing up, she always had books...maybe, not the latest designer jeans...but ALWAYS books...and, now she is passing the tradition to our little granddaughter. My favorite was Caddie Woodlawn. I loved biographies a lot...still do...Davy Crockett being a favorite! Poems from Dickinson and Longfellow...Thanks for bringing back my childhood days of reading. What wonderful times!
    Have a blessed weekend, Coralie!

  12. I've made time for reading again recently and I don't regret it. As a child, I read everything I could get my hands on. I especially loved the Nancy Drew books -- what else?