Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School Days, School Days!

School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days...reading and writing and 'rithmetic...Taught to the tune of a hickory stick. You were my young and bashful beau; I was your queen in calico. You wrote on my slate, "I Love You, Joe." When we were a couple of kids...

Remember this old song? It just came to mind this morning as I was thinking of all of students and teachers returning to classes this week and last. And all the mothers and fathers getting back to their usual fall schedules without the children at home. Autumn brings with it the promise of new adventures for all. Enjoy your day!

What adventure are you planning for this autumn?


  1. Good Morning Coralie! The only adventure I've got planned for this autumn is the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana! I can't wait! Three towns full of crafts and antiques and FOOD!

  2. My kids are thrilled to be back in school. New friends, new teachers and new classes to enjoy.

    I have a sign of Fall in my garden.

    I'm planning on planting more peonies and lots of daffodils next month, and completing a short story I want to submit.

  3. What a beautiful and emotional post!Yes, autumn brings promises, my adventure for this autumn are: to go for any walks whith my family and dogs through the wood. Lovely greetings!!

  4. I am not sure it is an adventure but I looked out the window a moment ago and see that I will have to rake leaves this weekend. Guess summer is over.

  5. I will enjoy the fall weather and take a ton of photos:)

  6. I have a suspicion your class has a lot of fun.

    We're still summering here, enjoying hot days & warm nights... I'd be so lost in a place with 4 real seasons.

    Smiles to you,