Monday, September 21, 2009

Telling Tales on a Magical Monday!

You tell me little tales
Of fairy and of elf
But I would rather hear
you talk
About your little self.
The Fairy Queen goes by, you say,
Drawn in a lily car.
Believe me you are twice as fair
And sweeter too by far.



  1. Well, that is as cute as cute can be Coralie!

    Have a magical day!

  2. I just love all the vintage elements on your beautiful blog.

  3. What a sweet poem! I'd love to look through your awesome vintage images. Thanks for sharing all that you do. Have a very nice week. Twyla

  4. Thank you for your comment, you know I always like to hear from you.

  5. Oh this is beautiful :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today :) I always get excited to meet other bloggers from Michigan!!

  6. The elves and fairies are so whimsical! Oh, to live in a little world like that...

  7. Hi, Coralie,
    Such a sweet post today! Loved the sweet image and wonderful poem. Thank you for stopping by today for a visit. Hoping you have a magical Monday, too. Vicki

  8. Hi Coralie, what a sweet little poem, I will have to copy it and put it in the book of recipes, stories and poems that I have found particularly wonderful here on blogger and want to save! Thank you for sharing such a lovely written poem. I read your Sunday post, and I too remember our sundays well as a child. We never missed church either, and on the way home we would often stop at a local bakery to buy cream donuts! Oh those glorious donuts! I can still taste them. I remember loving church for the beautiful lights that hung from the ceiling and when the priest's sermon was too much for me to follow, I would gaze at those lights and let my mind wander! your story about the "leopards" is precious. take care, Debby

  9. Hello Coralie! what a beautiful poem! So sweet, your posts are so much appreciated for me: sweet words, interestings ideas,...what a gem! Have a great day! Laura