Friday, July 31, 2009

When Summer Comes To Call!

When Summer Comes to Call

When summer comes to call on me

I spread a blanket set for tea,

Invite the birds, the squirrels, and pups

to share my English china cups.

They scamper in by one’s, by two’s.

They wear their finest coats and shoes.

They come from bushes and from trees

and look as fancy as you please.

Along the garden’s edge we’ll play

and linger there the whole long day.

We’ll watch for butterflies and bees,

enjoy a tender whispering breeze.

Each guest will sing their own sweet song

some chirping short, some whistling long.

A few will bark, others will chatter.

We’ll raise a free and joyous clatter.

We’ll pat the snowballs on the vine,

pretend it’s winter for a time.

Then nod at all the little faces—

pansies pouting in their places.

We’ll thread green ivy in our hair,

braid dandelions for jewels to wear.

We’ll pluck a daisy just to see

if I love them and they love me.

We’ll stay all day and into night

to see the fireflies shed their light.

We’ll count the stars up in the sky

and watch the moon pass slowly by.

And not until the shadows all—

the ones quite short and those quite tall—

have disappeared into the night

will any of my friends take flight.

For celebrations such as this

provide the very sweetest bliss.

Then, when it’s time to go, we’ll say

we’ve had the most enchanting day.

A day, with wonder, we’ll recall

when autumn’s leaves begin to fall.

A day we will remember long

when winter storms with winds so strong.

And even still when spring draws near,

we’ll think of summer’s time of year.

It’s certain that we’ll all agree:

When summer calls it’s time for tea.

I’ll bake sweet biscuits, some with seeds,

and some for those with special needs.

When flowers bloom on bush and tree,

then once again we’ll meet for tea.


  1. So sweet! A perfect summer poem!

  2. Hi Coralie, I love your sweet little summertime poem. The image of the tea party is darling. This made me think about my own enchanted summers when I was a child.

  3. Thank YOU for your visit this morning and leaving a comment. I used to love playing dress-up, sugar! And the days when people dressed up for church??? I still do of course, but some people head off in their jeans, tank tops and shorts even.......Oooooh, hold me back please!!!!!! *Sigh*..........

  4. What a cute poem! It sounds like a sweet tea party.

  5. That is the cutestest tea poem...I love both of your you post daily to both?

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!☺

  6. What a great poem. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your week end..Kathi

  7. That is such a sweet poem. It makes me want to go outside, spread out a blanket and have some tea.......except for the fact that it has been so hot hear lately. It sounds like a nice thing to do in the spring. Have a wonderful weekend.