Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#1: 1930's Quilt Block-"Spring Flowers Quilt"

In 1933, the Lansing State Journal, a Michigan newspaper, published a variety of quilt designs for which the actual block patterns could be purchased by sending in 10 cents for one pattern or 25 cents for three.

Not long ago at an antique mall, I bought a small plastic bag full of old completed quilt blocks (never could resist them) and discovered, when I got home, that there was a surprise in store for me! Folded in with the blocks was a collection of news clippings from the 1930's, each containing a different quilt block design.
Well, I can tell you I was thrilled to come unexpectedly upon such a find! I'll share them all in the coming days so stay tuned for more 1930's quilt block excitement!

This quilt block is called "Spring Flowers Quilt" but I imagine quilters reading this may have heard or used other names for this block. If so, I'd love to hear from you! (Comments welcomed!)

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