Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hand-painted Treasures = Cottage Charm

I found this lovely little hand-painted glass holder at a local thrift shop last weekend and paid a whole $1 for it. But I almost didn't buy it because sometimes it hard to see what an item really looks like when it's surrounded by items are lesser quality. Still, I never pass up a hand-painted item if I can help it. And, I'm really glad I didn't pass this one up either as it will be a handy little holder for pens, pencils, or watercolors pens as shown. 

I think it's the down-home charm of knowing that an artistic crafter somewhere, sometime, dipped brush into paint and created a cottage scene, floral bouquet, or colorful collage. There's nothing I like better than hand-painted treasures to fulfill my vision of cottage decorating.


  1. Coralie, our reading habits are very similar. I was surprised to see that I've read many of the titles peeking from behind your cute pen holder!

  2. I love to read and it's really fun to meet someone who has the same interests in books as well as the U.P. I see you are a writer, too! What kind of writing do you enjoy most? I'd love to hear more!