Sunday, January 11, 2009

#6: 1930's Quilt Block-"The Arrowhead"

On Tuesday, March 28, 1933, the Lansing State Journal, published the following:

"No longer is the pieced quilt of Pioneer days, with its many tiny stitches, hidden in the attic, forgotten. All of the old patchwork quilts are being brought to light, and their designs carefully recopied. Modern women are finding a real pleasure in working out the different patterns, and are engrossed in this fascinating pastime.

You will find the pattern illustrated in these columns to be of the old Early American designs, as well as the more modern patterns. The Arrowhead Quilt blocks are 18 inches in size and they work up lovely in a two-color combination of any plain color, print and white."Do you have another name for this quilt block pattern?


  1. It looks like the Amish Star meets the Irish Chain pattern to me. Lovely block. Just came across you on a google search. Did you make anything with this pattern?

  2. Do you have a copy of this journal, or did you find the clipping somewhere on line? I have my grandmother's scrapbook and found a similar clipping. I'm trying to recreate this pattern as the 18 in pattern and not finding a version of instructions for a block this size.

  3. With a slight variation Nancy Mahoney calls it the Granny Star.