Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cottage White Frosting Recipe

Here comes the first of many recipes from a 1950's Recipe Box I recently found at the Jackson Antique Mall in Jackson, MI. I love these vintage recipes and thought it would be fun to share them with you.

I'm starting with a White Frosting Recipe as it seems like the perfect cottage treat with, of course, cake! I'm sure there must be a cake recipe in that amazing little box, too! There's quite a variety of recipes, though I haven't had a chance to look at every one of them yet. Anyway, have fun and watch for more vintage recipes to come!


  1. I have this exact same recipe from my mother and it's delicious. I love the directions -- it's sort of sad, but I don't think anybody bothers to form a ball in cold water anymore.

  2. Aren't these vintage recipes just the best! I agree that we now have many more shortcuts to getting things done and I have to admit I miss the old ways! I can still see Mom in the kitchen making this super-delicious white frosting and telling us not to jump on the floor or the cake would "fall"! Good old days! Thanks for the visit, Martha!

  3. Hi Coralie.... I LOVE your name ;-}
    I like to read "Old recipes" They sure never spared the butter and cream in those days....
    This one looks familiar.
    When I was married (1954) my Mom wrote all my favorite recipes out with pen and ink and sent them to me. For the potato soup she even drew a picture of the size of the potato cube I should do!!!
    I guess she realized I did not belong under the title "Cook" hee hee and she was right .. I should look up some of these recipes and put them on my blog... They would be entertaining...
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    and BTW thank you for following my blog...
    Always appreciate another visitor to share things with,

  4. Hi Maggie!
    This is how I got my name: my mother was reading a Grace Livingston Hill romantic novel when she was expecting me and the heroine of the story was named Coralie. My mother fell in love with the name and the rest is history! I also have recipes in my mom's handwriting from long ago! I hope you post yours and we can compare. What fun! Thanks so much for your comment and for becoming a follower! I appreciate knowing you!

  5. Hi Coralie! I must agree with Maggie...the first thing I thought when you left a comment on my blog was "What a sweet name!" It fits your picture. Thanks for stopping by!

    I'll have to try that recipe sometime. I'm doing an Old-Fashioned Pie Social on the 23rd (National Pie Day) and I'd love to know if you have any old pie recipes. I've looked in antique stores for old pie cookbooks, but can't seem to find any. Just a recipe here and there and most not that old. Even tried a couple of Goodwills and a thrift store. I was hoping to find a few recipes to print out and hang from twine with vintage clothespins along with some vintage aprons my mother made as a little girl about 50 years ago and some my great-grandma made back then.

    Happy Friday to you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oh Anita! What a fabulous idea for the recipes! I can just imagine them as you've described...tied in twine and hanging on the line by vintage clothespins with vintage aprons nearby! Wonderful! Listen, I think I saw some pie recipes in that vintage recipe box I recently purchased. I will look tonight and post tomorrow morning if I find any. Please check back tomorrow! Thanks for the generous compliment on my name. You're a sweetie!