Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow White and the White Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a small white rabbit who lived under a cottage in the woods. The cottage was the home of seven small elves who were very busy and seemed to be working all the time. Often Rabbit could hear them singing and pounding away but he stayed clear of them. Who knew how elves might feel about a pretty little white rabbit out in the wilds! Rabbit wasn't taking any chances!

One day, while Rabbit was hopping home from his day in the forest to his hole under the cottage, he heard a different voice. Singing! It was a sweet, lilting voice that made his long ears stand right up straight! Who was it! 

As he crept closer to the elves' cottage, peering carefully around each branch and bush, he saw that the cottage door was open. And there, right there in the doorway, stood the most beautiful young girl he had ever seen, sweeping and singing an angelic song. 

"Oh! What a pretty rabbit!" she exclaimed, startling poor Rabbit out of his wits! "Come here, dear, I won't hurt you!" Rabbit wasn't sure he should, but he moved closer to the girl. 

"My name is Snow White," she said, standing her broom up against the cottage door. "I've been hoping for company with the elves away all day. Would you like to go for a walk? We can go adventuring together." 

Rabbit's ears wiggled back and forth making Snow White giggle. "I guess that means, yes," she laughed.

So off they went, Snow White leading the way and Rabbit hopping along like an old friend. Together they found a peaceful place to stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and watch the butterflies flitting about. 

"I don't know when I've had such a nice time," Snow White exclaimed. And Rabbit's ears just started wiggling and wiggling, he was so happy to have a new friend.

The End

(The hand-painted Snow White figurine was a $4 local thrift store find not long ago. In her previous life, she lived in a garden. I find that garden items make great cottage home accessories! Don't you?) 


  1. Hello to you! And welcome to blogging :) You're gonna fit right in!
    I have written a 'white' blog post since your visit :) Love your figures and the story that goes with them!!!

  2. Love the story. I feel like a little girl sitting on my rug just listening away. Love your rabbit. Sharon

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you like my story! I wasn't even planning to write a fairy tale but it just sort of happened as I sat down to post the photo. The Rabbit made me do it! Thanks so much for visiting and for your comments!

  4. Hello! Nice to 'meet' you! Thank you very much for being one of my followers, and for finding the time to leave such a lovely comment!
    I love your bunny, actually I have a similar one in my own garden... they are soo cute, aren't they!
    Have a great day,

  5. Hi Monica! Thank you for visiting. I'm new to the community so am really enjoying all the warm feelings from new friends. Your blog is so beautiful and inspirational, I just had to become a follower. Your golden retriever looks a lot like my sister's dog who is a real sweetie, too. I have three shelties who keep me company while I'm creating and blogging. Couldn't do it without them! Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!