Friday, January 9, 2009

#4: 1930's Quilt Block-"Martha Washington Quilt"

Here's a portion of the bright and cheerful text of the article published in 1933 by the Lansing State Journal including the following rhyme:

"The bits of bright cloth glowing,

A scissors' glinting gleam,

The cut squares, circles, diamonds,

A deftly needled seam...."

"Women are going back to homecrafts with a bang! They've discovered again (and Paris nodding "yes") what swank there is in a hand-knit sweater or hat!
They're making patchwork quilts—copying excitedly, Martha Washington's Rose Garden quilt pattern and other favorites. They're cooking at home. Real estate men tell us it is next to impossible to rent an apartment that does not have a well-equipped kitchen."

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