Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Morning, Mr Bunny Rabbit!

I found this adorable wooden bunny rabbit in a wonderful Cottage Antique and Collectible shop in McHenry, IL a few years ago. (Because he's so cute, you'll probably be seeing him again in later posts!) The 1940's swan was a thrifty find from Michigan City, MI and, of course, they just have to "speak" to each other. The beautifully crafted barkcloth pillow was also discovered in McHenry.

The photo is of a tiny corner of a former clothes closet that I have turned into a cottage fun spot for storing some of my scrapbooks, photo albums and fabrics as well as showcasing some of the vintage finds I enjoy seeing every day. 

I had the door of the closet removed and the interior painted pumpkin, the same color as the adjoining bedroom. It's a small closet but provides a lot of useful space whereas it formerly held only a few off-season coats and jackets so was really not of much use...well, not of much use for a creative cottage lover anyway! I'll be showing you more of my closet storage ideas and vintage finds in later posts...so stay tuned!


  1. I love your rabbit. I have acollection of rabbit things. I love rabbits. We found a domestic rabbit that someone left in the woods. Miss Lilly Bun Buns lived with us for many many years. She was the sweetest little girl and I miss her. Sharon PS Thanks for coming by my blog. I used to ski in Iron Mountain Mi. Loved it.

  2. Oh yes! I love rabbits too and have quite a collection. Can't resist a single one of them! How sad that a domestic bunny was left in the woods but how wonderful that you rescued her! Miss Lilly Bun Buns, what a sweet name! I'm originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and also used to ski at Pine Mountain. Small world! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I love comments!