Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Charming Allure of Vintage

It all started for me many years ago at a time when I fell in love with an antique pump organ, just like the one I'd played in church as a young girl. The wooden oak organ was small, quaint and lovely to look with it's candlestick holders and carved hearts across the back. And it worked! Many a sweet tune was played upon that instrument, providing hours and hours of enjoyment.

My Danish modern furniture began to find new homes and, before I knew it, I had turned our living rooms into a charming Vintage Cottage Home! That was years ago, but the love of most anything antique, collectible or vintage has stayed with me.

As a child, I collected fancy holiday napkins and beautiful handkerchiefs, or hankies as they were called. Toys from Cracker Jack boxes were another fun item for kids to collect. These days I look for vintage fabrics, feedsacks, quilts and many other vintage textiles. Old greeting cards, children's books and dress patterns also manage to find their way into our home.

Taking a day off here and there to travel an hour or so to an antique mall or flea market is one of the pleasures my husband Jim and I share. While I'm off searching for my collectibles, he finds interesting old train books, tools and cameras. There's no end to the fun!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you collect vintage greeting cards. I have a box of Hallmark assorted greetings that I will mail you when I find them. They are old but never used. I found them about 6 or 7 years ago at an estate sale here in Chesterton,IN thinking I would recycle them.....I never did nor have plans to. When I locate them I will email for your address or PO box.

  2. Pat, That is so sweet of you! I do love old greeting cards and would love to have them. My husband Jim and I have visited the Chesterton antique & flea market places through the years when on our way home from a visit to my sister who lives just north of Chicago. Always fun to do! Thanks so much for your comment and I'll look forward to hearing more from you.