Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet the Resident Shelties!

Meet my favorite charms of daily life! They are our three sweet shelties: Ginger, Carrie, and Bonnie Lass!

Both Carrie and Bonnie were our "rescue" pups. Carrie had been returned to her breeder, manager of Michigan Sheltie Rescue. Bonnie was due to go to Sheltie Rescue when I received an email from a friend who received an email from a friend who worked in a veterinary office and knew of the elderly couple's difficulty in caring for her.

These kids provide us with their funny antics, devoted loyalty, and unconditional love all the ordinary days of our lives. If I want to know how to live my life in the best possible way, all I have to do is take a lesson from the fur kids. They are the greatest!


  1. Oh they are darling!!I have an Aussie/border cross - looove her!! Fur kids - giggle - love that! Your blogs are beautiful!!! Thanks for following mine!!

  2. Oh! I'm so delighted that you are the first to comment and to be a follower! Happy to meet you! Love the fur kids!!! Can't live without them!

  3. I'm honored to be the first!! You write beautifully!! I have a very worn copy of Gifts from the Sea. I read it often - I adore the beach - don't get there often enough! We live in N. Idaho! Have a wonderful Sat.!

  4. They are all adorable! I love my fur baby, too! She's a Corgi-Jack Russell mix, and she definitely keeps us entertained!

  5. Your fur babies are precious! I have 4 beautiful babies, too... a Border Collie and a lab-mix. Then, there are the 2 cats!! All have unique personalities, and they have "feathered" my empty nest with lots of love!!