Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Gift of Love To Be Cherished

My daughter and I were visiting relatives in another city and decided to check out the local antique shop one spring day a few years ago. Once inside the door, I surged ahead looking, hunting, scouring the shelves, walls and floor arrangements for hidden treasures. (I call them hidden because it seems I can look right at an area, come back and find new things in just a few minutes!)

A lovely old mixing bowl in a deep brown earthy color caught my eye as did a few beautifully embroidered vintage linens. So, having discovered all I would that trip, I trekked on over to the check out area. Only to find my daughter, a former non-antique person, handing this beautiful painting over to the owner to be wrapped. What? How could I have missed such a wonderful find and for only $5? I couldn't believe it!

I told my daughter how proud I was of her for finding such a great piece and for such a thrifty price. I also told her that, if she ever wanted to part with it, to let me know! She just smiled and said, "Sure, Mom."

Three years later, after having enjoyed the painting in her apartment, she moved into her beautiful new home with her new husband. It was time for a garage sale! When I arrived, I saw the painting and was just about to shout when my daughter picked up the painting and came to me with the piece in hand. "I know you've always loved this, Mom. I've loved it, too, but I want you to have it now," she said.

"Oh thank you, Honey! I'll cherish it," I told her and I do!


  1. Oh I love it too. What wonderful colors and what a sweet daughter. Sharon

  2. It is such a beautiful and cheerful painting! I'm so glad your daughter gave it to you - how thoughtful!!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comment! I love your Northern Michigan blogs! Your photography is awesome to behold!

  4. What a great story! Thanks for stopping by my blog!