Monday, January 12, 2009

#7: 1930's Quilt Block-"Cross Roads"

Quilters, who subscribed to the Lansing State Journal in 1933, delighted in the quilt block patterns and news articles published at that time. The following is the text from the Cross Roads article:

"Here indeed, is a delightful road to travel, and although at first glance it might seem rather difficult, you will find it is in appearance only, for it is really an exceptionally easy quilt to make. Then, too, it gives you an excellent opportunity to use up those many small varied colored pieces you may have in your workbasket, and a chance to make up any color scheme that your fancy dictates. You will find it difficult to leave this piece of handwork for each new crossroad leads you on and on."I don't know about you, but this pattern does not look as exceptionally easy to me, as the article indicates. What do you think?

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